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Build awesome discussion forums with integrated social features, a beautiful user interface, and a power-packed feature set.

  • Mobile Ready: Not just looks but also behaves great on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

  • Personal Messaging: Quickly send messages to other forum users with the built-in private messaging system

  • Social Login: Sign up or sign in your users with social services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Linkedin

  • Nested Categories: With unlimited nested categories support, organize content in a better way.

  • Leaderboard: Display the top user rankings and encourage users to participate in discussions.

  • Profile System: CjForum profile glue your users with a one-stop-shop for all your user data and provides a personalized page. Supports custom profile fields.

  • Points System: Reward your users with the built-in points system and motivate them to discuss more.

  • Rank System: With the built-in rank system, you can assign a rank to your users and encourage them.

  • Activity Stream: CjForum activity stream provides a unified page to view and discuss all user activity.

  • Tagging System: Flexible integration with the Joomla tag system allows more organized content and explore topics.

  • Avatars Support: Built-in avatar system can be extended using flexible API, or you can use third-party avatars.

  • Likes/Dislikes: Topics and replies can be liked/disliked and users can say Thank You to other user replies.

  • Social Sharing: Social sharing/bookmarks integration through AddThis allows your users to share topics or bookmark them.

  • Powerful ACL: Protect your content with a powerful ACL system. Define permission for each user group for different actions.

  • WYSIWYG Editor: Use your Joomla WYSIWYG editor to post topics or reply to them. Make full use of the Joomla editor's potential.

  • Email subscriptions: Let your users subscribe to the categories or listings and get notified of any updates/new submissions.

  • Fully Customizable: Uses Joomla® MVC design, sharable layouts, and most of the one-click options.

  • Advanced Search: Advanced search page lets you search the content easily with loads of options.

  • RSS Feeds: RSS Feeds feature to let your users subscribe to the listings through their favorite RSS reader.

  • Multiple Listings: Browse multiple listings such as latest, popular, featured topics, or user-submitted topics.

  • GDPR compliance updates: Allow users to download and delete profiles and posts, take consent before saving the profile.

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Тестовое задание
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just testing
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