Can someone please explain how the ACL control in Community Answers works

I made a group in joomla have access to a particular category. The category which is selected on the main page but when a user in that group (other than a super admin) logs in, the user is not able to view questions added by the super admin.

(I did not notice this before because i have been developing with the superadmin account)

Category: Clarifications

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These bugs just keep coming. I saw that you check to see if a user has access to a category. You consider one access group selected but your code does not account for multiple groups.

It seems most joomla component builders dont fully or correctly implement Joomla ACL in their components. Please do fix this.


The problem is here

$wheres[] = 'c.permission_view is null or c.permission_view in ('.$groups.')';

Not sure what line that is since i made mods to your code. but in my copy it is on line 142 models/answers.php in version 1.8.6


better solutions, use access levels rather than groups. Read on joomla's permissions model.


I made a small hack to fix this. Unless this was fixed in the 1.8.7 version. Please confirm


you dont even check to see if global permissions should take place. I think the problem is that most of your users dont use Joomla's ACL and hence you havent noticed these ACL issues

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