Looks so good in the demo. But I cant get it working the same

finally got the ask it to work. Still can't get the list of questions to show. Clicking on the "open" button for example does not list the questions it still says no questions though the questions are available through the categories list. Would have preffered an easier set up for a paid solutiong

Category: Clarifications

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Believe me once you find everything working, you will feel this could be so easy to set up.

Make sure the following:

1. Have installed and enabled the jQuery plugin (can be downloaded from core plugins group)

2. Have set up configuration and permission settings. For Joomla 1.5, permission settings are under Configuration page. For Joomla 1.6, please look at the options button on toolbar.

3. Have set up at least one category. You can set up permissions at category level or leave them empty if you do not want category level permissions.

If nothing works, just drop in an email through contact us page and I am happy to assist you.


Wow I did not expect an answer here. Was just looking around for answers abd thinking out loud.
Thanks so much. I think there is a problem with my server actually because things weren't working/appearing then i left it alone for an hour and came back they were working! grrr
So, I don't think it is the components fault.


Maverick, you rock! you resolved the issue... thanks

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