Why does jquery ui style work on component start page but not after clicking ask it?

The JQuery plugin is installed and enabled. One the first page all is fine I see the JQuery UI Styles and all buttons work. After clicking the "Ask It" button I am taken to the next page where I add description and select category but I loose the JQuery UI Styles and buttons no longer work.
I am including images of both screens.
This error is seen in the javascript console:

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'validate'
(anonymous function)answers.js:654


Category: Clarifications

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From the error, the most likely issue could be

1. the file /plugins/corejoomla/jquery/jquery.validate.min.js is not included in your page or
2. you are using old version of Community Answers with new jQuery plugin or
3. you are using old version of jquery plugin
4. your page might have a new version of jQuery library loaded and you are using old version of Community answers.

Possible Steps:
1. Make sure your installation of CA and jQuery plugin is up to date.
2. You do not have any conflicting jQuery libraries loaded on your page (view source of your page on your browser)

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