Hi, I have upload a new editor to my site and want to use it for community answers. I know I can select default in the configuration, but I don't want this editor as the default editor for the entire site. I want this editor I upload to only be used in community answers. How can this be done?

For example: In the configuration you can select default or the BBCode editor. I want to be able to have a third choice of the editor I have uploaded. I don't want to make the editor I uploaded the default for the entire site.

Category: FAQs

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Such thing should be supported by your editor. For example, JCE supports the profiles which allow you to customize which component has the access to the editor and what buttons the users can see etc.

However it is not possible to use the new editor in CA unless there is a code integration done. So you should see if your editor supports restricting it to users.

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