Installation instructions? Can't get Answers to work

I have Jomsocial working, but Answers isn't functional at all.

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Please follow below steps:

  1. Download the package from Community Answers downloads section and CoreJoomla jQuery plugin from core plugins category.

  2. Install both component and plugin using Joomla standard installer

  3. Enable jQuery plugin from your Joomla administrator plugins page.

  4. Go to Components->Community Answers->Configuration in your administator site and configure all options. Save once finished. Make a note that the permission settins should be configured properly. You can select multiple user groups by press and hold CTRL key and select using mouse.

  5. After saving the configuration, create a menu item using Joomla Menu Manager for Community Answers default page. Now you can see the Answers menu item on your front-end and you can start creating questions and answering.

  6. If you are using RocketTheme templates, make sure you disabled input styling option under your template configuration.



Did all that and still this is what I get when trying to use the thing, whether logged in or not (and after hitting "Recalculate" in Users under CA Admin:

You do not have enough permissions to perform this operation. Please contact site administrator.

I did notice that Community Answers is not using search friendly url's like the rest of the site. Maybe something there?





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