My module search do not work

Hello i have a big problem in my website, always that i try to search a question in my component (frontend) do not show anything before press search button and when i press the button show a 500 error page.

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There is no search button present in CA front-end. Did you mean you are pressing Keyboard Enter button in search box?


Hello Maverick

Sorry, you´ve right there is no button, but that is not the problem. The problem is that when you type something in the search box, takes a lot of time to show you in the dropdown result box some results preview.... and if you press the enter key, takes a lot more and show you a 500 page error.

This is my website:
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My website is in Spanish.


Can you please contact me through contact us form with your website admin details so that I can try a little hack as it seems there are too many questions that are being searched resulting in out of memory.

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