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whats the difference between 1 domain support or unlimited?

Category: General Questions

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Unlimited domain support is useful for the developers or webmasters who maintain number of websites for their clients or their own. Most of the time you will face small issues or bugs either the environmental or application code level. In such cases you will definetely need help from someone unless you know how to get rid of such issues. If the bugs need simple fix which can  be carried out with simple code fixes you need not wait for another release and simply can ask us to fix them.

We ask for your domain to to know what the actual issue is and what to fix and will propose you to make changes to code with simple step by step guide or we will fix them if you are unable to do. If you have one domain license and you need fixes for all your domains where the component is being used, it is simply not possible because of the support restrictions. So in such cases you might want to choose the unlimited domain support which will give you the flexibility to get support on all your domains.


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