How to change the link for register users?

Hello, i want to change or redirect the Register Users form bye default in Community Answers to Jomsocial Form.

Every time that one user want to ask a question in the component and they are not logged or registered in the website, the default link to the Register page is for Joomla, my question is how can i change this to redirect all my users to Jomsocial Register Form.

Thank you very much for your help!


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I believe it will automatically redirect if you have jomsocial user plugin installed. Anyway, you can change the url as well in components/com_communityanswers/templates/default(2)/view_question.php at line around 384
$link = APP_VERSION == '1.5' 
? JRoute::_('index.php?option=com_user&view=login'.$itemid.'&return='.$redirectUrl)
: JRoute::_('index.php?option=com_users&view=login'.$itemid.'&return='.$redirectUrl);


Jomsocial user plugin? Where can i find this plugin? Because i already installed 2 that i found in your website, but 1 is just for rules and the second is just to display the answers and questions in the user profile... but none of this area to redirect the visitor to the register page of Jomsocial, plus i just see that the link to the recover the password is wrong too and the link to recover the user name also... I hope you can help me.




The plugin what I meant is comes with JomSocial, not to be downloaded on corejoomla.

Anyway, the latest CA version just adds the link to the above url and no popup. So the register/password recover urls will not be shown in CA pages. It simply redirects to standard Joomla login pages (you can change it to JomSocial registration page).


Ohh ok... i already have this plugin installed, the problem is that with CA the redirections page are not the right, let see:

I have 2 differents redirections page with Community Answers

1.- When you try to ask a question without login this redirect to this page:


The 3 links there are from Joomla and not from Jomsocial

2.- Every time you try to answers a question when you are not logged the system redirects you to the pop up box with the login form, the problem is the same, it has 3 links that redirects you this time to 404 page i donĀ“t know why... this are the 3 pages:


Thank you!


I think you are using old CA version. Please upgrade to the latest version, clear the browser cache and see if the link is correct.

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