Can this software be customized?

I would like to know if my developer would be able to change the source code to add additional functionality?

Stephen M

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Absolutely yes. The source code is licensed under Gnu/GPL license, so you are free to modify the code as per your choice.

None of our extensions code is encrypted :) .


Thanks for the answer above. I have one more question through please. If I would like to run a paid for advisory service, I change people for answering tax related questions, how would I be able to link this to some kind of a subscription service which would allow people to pay on their credit card. Would this need to be a customized solution, or are their other components that can be integrated into this. I look forward to hearing from you on this, Steve


There is an alternative from third party component Alpha User Points. Community Answers has integration for AUP.

You can enable points for asking or answering questions using Alpha User Points. And AUP team has developed a component (paid one) to buy points using PayPal. So your users buy points with PayPal and use them to ask or answer questions.

This way you can do more things like you give points for answering questions and at the same time you can charge money/deduct points for asking questions.

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