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I am receiving this error when I try to add a category. Fatal error: Call to undefined method CategoryTree::setError() in /home/content/c/w/a/cwalker3/html/components/com_communityanswers/helpers/nestedtree.php on line 184

Category: Member Questions

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It means you have no root category created during installation. You can create a root category manually by running the following query using phpMyAdmin or any other tool you like:
insert into jos_answers_categories(title, alias, parent_id, nleft, nright, norder) values ('Root', 'root', 0, 1, 2, 1);

Note: Run this query only when Root category is not there in your jos_answers_categories table.


I am not sure how to do that. You upgraded this one for me to correct a previous error. Can I send you my info?


Alright, send me your database details through contact form.

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