how do you display all questions for a category including subcategories

It doesn't seem to be possible to show questions for a particular category and its child categories. I would expect this to be possible on the root category and i believe this was possible in the 1.6 version of community answers. <br />
<br />
For example, the demo home page says All Categories and yet it only shows questions for the root category. End users have no way of knowing it is for the root category, this should be fixed (i'm not currently yielding $100+ of fulfilment right now)


Category: Member Questions

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The home page contains latest questions and popular questions from all categories not the root category. When you click a category, it will show the questions from the selected category.


how I can to configuration this component


[quote]how I can to configuration this component[/quote]
1. Install the component
2. Go to Components->Community Answers->Configuration and you can configure the options.

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