How to add links in a question and answer?

1. How do you set this component so my users can ask and answer questions using hyperlinks within the answer, with or without the http://. Not just in the reference section. Example: I want http://www.corejoomla.com or www.corejoomla.com placed in the article to create a hyperlink

2. When I use the hyperlink button, bold or underline button I get html code.
I don't want this code showing for my user. Is there a way to show just the preview as the user types the question/answer?

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We are using BBCode editor here. You can use your Joomla WYSIWYG editor instead of BBCode editor.

However it is easier and convenience to use BBCode editor. Just click the hyperlink button on toolbar, enter url and it will create hyperlink for you.


Hi, I understand it creates a hyperlink but when I use the hyperlink button html code shows as I type. I don't want that code to show.

Also I want the user to be able to type a url in the answer or question box and it automatically hyperlinks.


I will add this feature in next release.


Will the new release solve both of the problems mentioned? When will this release be available?


For the second issue, please send me your website details through contact us form. I will check that issue. This is not something I can reproduce here, may be some detailed steps would be helpful.

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